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Sell Your Designer Goods

Bontoko adapts the “IKEA model” to the independent design industry, selling your furniture and designer goods in themed co-showrooms. Now you don’t have to worry about marketing campaigns or renting expensive traditional retail space.

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Why the "IKEA model" for Bontoko?

An experience

Turning shopping from a ‘chore’ into an enjoyable ‘experience’ was key to IKEA’s success and Bontoko aims to recreate this effect in our showrooms too. People come to IKEA not just to buy furniture (although, they do buy a lot of it), they’re also there to get inspiration, see what’s new and discover things on their own as they go through multiple display rooms.

They want an experience! We’ll be doing the exact same thing with Bontoko showrooms, catering for different interior design styles and multiple furniture and homewares categories.

Built for sales

Because people are actively looking for a unique shopping experience, they don’t mind walking through a ‘maze’ of one-way display rooms. This means people are exposed to more goods, for long, which helps increase the average amount a consumer purchases.

No staff needed

We’ve added some impressive tech into the traditional IKEA business model so you can sell in new locations around the country without needing to hire additional sales staff.

Every item in a Bontoko showroom has a barcode which can be scanned by customers simply by using their phones and the Bontoko app.

Scanning an item with the app takes them directly to the product listing, and from here, they can ask you questions directly or make a purchase on the spot.

This means you can answer questions in real-time while your customers try your products AND sell more without having to hire additional floor or sales staff!

Download the information deck and schedule a call to learn how Bontoko can amplify your business.

Proven Model

IKEA has perfected the way goods are sold in showrooms. We take this model and bring it to Australian independent furniture design.


Independent designers can’t showcase and sell their work in showrooms because rent it’s too expensive. We make it cheap and easy.

Marketing Sorted

We do all the marketing to bring people into Bontoko where they can find and purchase your goods in themed display rooms.

Who This Will Help

Online Retailers

Online retailers will finally be able to showcase their products in front of buyers, which helps reduce refunds, increase sales, and build awareness of your brand.

You get all the upsides of a retail showroom, without the costs or hassle of managing your own space.

Boutique Brick & Mortar Retailers

Boutique brick and mortar retailers will no longer be forced to sell in just their local area.

With Bontoko, you’ll be able to grow your audience, sell your products interstate, and help boost your online sales anywhere there’s a Bontoko showroom.

Emerging Designers

Emerging designers will love how easy it is to showcase their designs and products to the public using Bontoko.

No need to worry about expensive retail leases, overheads, or marketing – it’s all done for you.

Why This Is Perfect For You?

Bontoko is the perfect option for you if you’re actively trying to build your business and sell more of your goods.

Speed up time

Bonotoko helps you achieve your goals faster than ever before. You can start selling your goods this week, instead of waiting for another ‘far off’ opportunity or spending thousands of dollars on retail showrooms.

Make more sales

Because Bontoko is focused on matching Australian independent designers like you with buyers, we give you the best chance of making more sales! This is why we’ve adapted the ‘IKEA model’ for our showrooms.

Build your brand

Build your brand through our retail showrooms, keep all customer data from sales and follow up with customers at any time. Bontoko is here to help you grow your profile and make more sales at the same time.

Download the information deck and schedule a call to learn how Bontoko can amplify your business.

Reduce refunds through our physical showrooms and increase your profits

Many offer a period of free returns to help make the decision of buying online easier for the consumer. But, this free return period can also mean a high volume of returned items which you’ve not got to deal with, alongside the possibility of items being damaged or dirtied. All these things impact your profits and take up time.

Our Bontoko showrooms reduce your return rate because your customers will have already seen the item. They’ll have felt it, judged it’s size, inspected the quality and will know what to expect when it arrives at their front door.

Consider the average 8.89% return rate of physical retailers compared to the average 30% return rate for online retailers and you’ll quickly understand why this principle works.

Some things you just can’t replicate online no matter how good technology gets, and one of those things is the ‘simple’ sensation of touch!

Touching things, being able to ‘feel’ the quality of an item, is a huge builder of trust and it’s something you’re unable to recreate online. but, through Bontoko, you’re given the opportunity to do this, helping you sell more goods and reduce your returns, which means more profit and happier customers!

Why Bontoko Works Better Than Anything Else


Bontoko makes displaying your designer goods in a sales-ready environment easier than any other option available


Your brand is built through continuous exposure to new customers, and you keep full control of customer data


Adapting IKEA’s proven retail showroom model to the independent design industry will help sell your goods more effectively than simply selling online


No outrageous expenses are involved with Bontoko, unlike when dealing with ‘big box’ retailers or renting your own retail space

Download the information deck and schedule a call to learn how Bontoko can amplify your business.

Our Vision, Your Opportunity

Bontoko is here to make a difference in two ways:


For you

Allow independent designers and retailers to showcase and sell their goods to more people in physical showrooms around Australia.


For the consumer

Allow Australian consumers to discover unique furniture and homewares in inspiring, highly styled settings and make purchases easily and confidently from their phones.

The future of Bontoko is exciting, and with your help we can make it a reality sooner. Here’s an overview of our key vision for Bontoko.

Key Showrooms In Major Cities

In 3 years, we would like to have 15 showrooms in all around Australia.

Will This Mean More ‘Competition’?

Not necessarily, as our showrooms are organised by interior design style, rather than category of furniture like traditional ‘big box’ retailers. There is a phenomenon known as ‘Product Grouping’ which describes how more goods are sold when grouped together than when sold separately, which works in your favour and the consumers too.

More Foot Traffic

Marketing campaigns will promote the brands and goods from people like you. With better selection for consumers, we’re sure more foot traffic will come too. And with more foot traffic comes more sales and greater brand recognition for you.

Download the information deck and schedule a call to learn how Bontoko can amplify your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you look at the figures below, you’ll find it safe to say Bontoko is a good investment in your business and in your future.

Compared to:

Running Ads

One sale can cost you anywhere from $350 depending on the item. For most, this leaves slim profit margins. Then factor in the costs of an ad agency at $1,000/month (on the low-end), and running your own ads quickly becomes pretty expensive.

Compared to:

Renting Retail Space

Commercial leasing in Australia is expensive. Then, consider the fact Bontoko isn’t ‘risky’, whereas renting retail space can be. With no large upfront costs and long-term leases, Bontoko allows you the flexibility to do what you want.

Doing Nothing…

Pay Nothing

Doing nothing costs, well… nothing. Except the potential sales you could have made and the time you’ll waste trying other things that may or may not work. So, doing nothing could be incredibly expensive when you really think about it.

Bontoko makes a hard and expensive task simple and affordable.

Traditional fees

Bontoko Favicon












from $2,890/week

from $50/week

+ 20% commission on sales

As you can see, it’s a fraction of the cost using Bontoko and takes no where near the same amount of time and effort. We’re here to make it easy for you to finally get your goods in front of more people.

Join Bontoko Today

Become an early Foundation Retailer and receive special benefits

A vision for the future

Bonotoko is a vision of the future for independent Australian designer sand furniture retailers. And to make Bontoko as we’ve descried it a reality, we’re going to need the support of people in the industry. People like you.

Still in development

Because Bontoko is still in development, we’re looking for 30 visionary businesses to join us as Early Foundation Retailer. Along with your support, you’ll also receive special benefits which we’ll never offer again after this period.

Your support

Based on your level of support, we’ll launch Bontoko sooner. And the greater the support, the sooner we’ll all begin seeing results.

Want more information? Looking for the Foundation Deck?

If you need more information, you can request the Foundation Deck below. You’ll see our budgets and forecasts, alongside a recap of all the information on this page to help you make your decision.

We’re not sure how quickly the first 30 spots will be taken, so to avoid disappointment, you should act today if you’re interested and want to be involved early and claim your special benefits and bonuses.

Early Foundation Retailer special benefits and bonuses

Premium Location

Discounted Weekly Rates

Dedicated Interior Designer To Help Showcase Your Brand In Bontoko Showrooms

Promote Your Brand On The Bontoko Website

Download the information deck and schedule a call to learn how Bontoko can amplify your business.

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Detailed Bontoko Pricing

Here is a list of our plans suitable for any designer goods:

Small furniture

Bulky furniture


Dimensions (H, L, W)

75 x 56 x 48 cm

75 x 220 x 100 cm

30 x 30 x 30 cm

50 items & above




10 to 49 items




1 to 9 items




Monthly Store        Subscritpion Fees


+ $15 per week/item


+ $50 per week/item


+ $5 per week/item

Download the information deck and schedule a call to learn how Bontoko can amplify your business.
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